Abbey Brewery Braxatorium Parcensis

Innovative brewing in a historical context

Braxatorium Parcensis can be found on the ground floor of the guest quarters of Park Abbey: a meticulous reconstruction of the historic abbey brewery, exactly where it was located hundreds of years ago.

Active brewing was revived here in 2019, thanks to a collaboration between brewer Joris Brams, the Norbertine monks and BW Procestechniek, a Belgian company specialising in the production of brewery materials. In this way, one centuries-old tradition of Park Abbey – brewing – is linked to another, namely the application of innovative and sustainable solutions.

The products of Braxatorium Parcensis – Latin for ‘Brewery of the Park’ – can rightly and proudly call themselves abbey beers, as they are produced within the walls of the abbey, as is the case with trappist beers.

Mind you, Braxatorium Parcensis is a so-called microbrewery: only 2000 hectolitres are brewed annually. Nevertheless, local (organic) raw materials are used and in accordance with age-old principles!

Practical information

  • You can purchase the beers via the brewery’s webshop, the museum shop or in farm shop De Wikke in Park Abbey
  • Taste the beer in various Leuven catering establishments and shops
  • Take a tour of the brewery
  • Surf to


Braxatorium Parcensis
Abdij van Park 7
3001 Leuven
+32 467 04 60 74

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