Park Abbey wants everyone to be able to use this website. Do you come across a page that is not accessible? Please report it.

What is an accessible website?

A website should be suitable and understandable for everyone, including persons with disabilities.

To achieve this, Europe imposes accessibility rules on all governmental websites. These are laid down in the European regulations. Park Abbey follows these regulations.

What are we doing to make this website accessible?

We apply the following measures on our website:

  • Accessibility by design
    Accessibility is taken into account in every step of the development of this website (design, construction and editing).
  • Research
    Independent experts regularly test the website for accessibility, both functional-technical and editorial parts. We solve bottlenecks in a sustainable matter.
  • Staff knowledge
    Our staff keeps their accessibility knowledge up to date and applies it where necessary.

Which parts are not (yet) accessible?

These parts of are not yet accessible:

  • PDF files
    Most PDF files on are not accessible. We are working on a solution.
  • Online maps
    Online maps are not accessible, but the information is available in plain text.
  • Online applications
    Some of our online services are external applications (e.g. making an appointment, requesting a parking card, applying for a job). Some applications are not accessible.
    • All new applications will be built according to the European regulations.
    • We are working to make all existing applications accessible as soon as possible.
  • Information of others
    On this website we publish vacancies for volunteers in Leuven with an embedcode. This code allows us to display information from the website This information is not accessible.
Abdij van Park

Abdij van Park

Abdij van Park 7
3001 Heverlee

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Do you notice something on this website that is not accessible? Please report it so we can help you and improve the accessibility.
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File a complaint
Are you not satisfied with our answer? You can file a complaint at the cities’ ombudsman's office or the Flemish ombudsman’s office.

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This accessibility statement was made on 29 October 29 2019 and is based on a review by consulting firms AnySurfer and ElevenWays. The last adjustment was on 10 October 2023.
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